AirLaw.Pro - customer care AI

We do personalized, proactive, free, white-labeled customer care service for air passengers in need. AirLaw.Pro helps travel agents and ticket resellers to build a loyal customer base, through technical innovation. 

We build a data-driven legal-tech startup, helping air passengers to navigate through disruptive situations at airports. We do it just in time and only when they need help. We finance our activities through compensation claims to create the best possible user experience.

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Business F.A.Q.
What is the problem we solve?

85% of air passengers are not receiving any money, even if they are eligible for financial compensation.

It is because passengers do not know about International law regulations forcing airlines to pay financial compensation protecting consumer rights or they find it difficult to claim.

It is $15 bill/year problem, growing 5% yearly.

How do we scale?

Great customer service is identified as factor #1 by loyal customers at travel industry surveys.

Our white-labeled cusomer care AI, helps travel industry partners to deliver better user experience and build their loyal customer base.

How does it work?

We analyze global flight traffic. We know disrupted flights. Partners know who was flying. Together we help air-passenger exactly at the moment he needs assistance by personalized messages.

In case passenger is eligible to claim advisory messages contains claim button. If passenger claims and we are successful with collecting compensation, everyone gets money from airlines.

Why people trust us?
100% Transparency

We are 100% transparent with each and every customer. Login to your private zone and get real-time status of every case you claimed.

Deep Knowledge

For more than 10 years we served airlines as internal legal staff. So we know all tips and tricks airlines use to save on compensations.

Great reputation

Word of mouth is the best form of marketing, happy customers produce other happy customers. We will be glad to serve you too.

What make us outstanding?
Conversion strategy

With our partners, we are proactively approaching customers just in time when they need our service. It makes us different from other reactive competitors promoting service online to be the number one choice when air passenger understands he has a problem.​

Technology approach

Thanks to the hi-tech approach we are able to identify disrupted flights in real-time. This way, we can help thousands of ticket resellers to provide better customer care for free, and get access to their air passengers.​

100% safe

No compensation - no fee. No risk for the partners, No risk for passengers. We charge a success fee only. When we deliver results and customers gets compensation from airlines, we charge our commission and share it with business partners.​

B2B2C Business model

Success fee commission-based business model. Customers of our partners become our customers as well.

Affiliate partners

Suitcase retailers, baggage wrappers, Airport taxi companies and other affiliates promote AirLaw.Pro, because they love what we do.

Travel agencies

Travel agencies and consierge service providers can incorporate our advanced Help center to increase their customer's satisfaction.​

Ticket resellers

Ticket resellers integrate our API services. In case of disrupted flight, they provide personalized customer care faster than anybody else.

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