From financial point of view, success fee based financial strategy is showing self-confidence of our team, and it is a great sales point. Our customers and business partners are 100% risk free. Global scalability of AirLaw.Pro, is based on added value for business partners solving pressing need of tour operators, ticket resellers and travel agencies to increas customer care and user experience of their air-passengers. I can bet this company is going to be the next “big-think” in less than 5 years.

Julia is a young but ambitions financial manager. She started her carier at AirLaw.Pro. She is the soul of our company, working as unlimited source of positive energy. 

Main Responsibility

Julia is responsible for money operations, financial controling, and back-office of the company.

How Julia can help you?

You may get limited access to our CFO. However in case of tax or accounting related questions, Julia is always ready to assist.

Money operations

Sence for detail is critical for all money operations. This is why Julia takes care not even a penny is wasted.


Secret of teams ultra-productivity lies in satisfied needs of our staff. Julia knows how to make this happen.

Money operations
Back-office management
Public affairs
Disrupted flights advisory
Social media management