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7 out of 10 passengers eligible for compensation report that the airline refused to pay compensation and simply ignored their claim. As a passenger, your customer rights are protected by the Montreal convention, European EC 261 Regulation, National legislations, Airline transport policies, and other rules.

Even if you were refused by airline to receive compensation AirLaw.Pro can help you. Just fill in the claim form. Our legal experts will fight for your rights and enforce your claim against all odds. We know the airlines’ excuses, fight our way through the paper-warfare and uphold your rights in court.

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It is Quick and Easy

It takes less than 3 minutes to file a claim and less than 3 weeks on average to receive your compensation.

No financial risk

We assess and submit your claim to the airline for free. We only charge success fee! So we get paid only if you get compensated.

Claim old flights

Depending on regulations, you can claim back up to 5 years. Get some extra money you did not count on. Claim now!

How does it work?
We analyze your problem
You provide us with documents
Follow how do we fight for your rights
You receive your compensation
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Travel agencies incorporated our Help center & our Super simple CRM, into daily routine, because they do increase their customers satisfaction.

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Ticket resellers integrates our real time robot APIs. In case of disrupted flight, they can offer better customer care faster than anybody else.

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Zuzana Nazal


Highly recommend AirLaw.Pro! I didn’t expect anything, just gave few data about me and about the flight and that’s it- i got the compensation for my delayed flight! Thank you very much!!🙏


The Netherlands

Many thanks for helping me getting compensation for delayed boarding! I missed second flight and didn’t even believe it was possible to do something about it. Thank you for your responsibility, quick cooperation and high quality job. Now writing this review with lots of respect to all the team! Best regards ❤️

Renata Lo-Tan


Сегодня вернулись деньги за авиабилет! И только благодаря помощи этих ребят!
Компания SkyUp известна своим хамством и отписками! Европейские конторы которые обычно выбивают компенсации даже не берутся вернуть стоимость билетов - так и отвечают «с них ничего не получить» - но благодаря AirLaw.Pro их сервису DavaiDengi.com - деньги вернулись!
Грамотные адвокаты и Очень внимательный сервис.
Как воодушевляет что мои права могут быть защищены! Готова обнять вас лично ребята!

Oksana Pozemina


Excellent service!  Thank you for your assistance. Specialists and experts in their field. I recommend.

Оксана Пятикопова


Был отказ в посадке на борт по некомпетентности сотрудников аэропорта в Англии. Никто и не за что не хотел компенсировать происшедшее, украинский Wizz Air отмахивались и ссылались обращаться в Европу, Европейский Wizz Air футболил обратно. Обратилась в AirLaw.Pro. Благодаря Козыреву Сергею, спустя 4 месяца, нам компенсировали деньги за троих пассажиров и Сергей смог выбить доп расходы на которые не имелись чеки. Очень рада, что обратилась к нему, всегда держали в курсе всех событий, давали надежду и сразу же перевели деньги, как только они поступили на счёт! Спасибо за этот труд и компетентность! Всем рекомендую!

Andrey Kravchenko


Received compensation for the canceled flight. Simple and clear interaction. I sincerely grateful and totally recommend.

COVID 19 flight cancelation?

Video explainer about your rights, if your flight was canceled due to COVID-19 restriction. Do you want to claim your money back yourself? Check our COVID-19 service www.davaidengi.com (Russian language only)

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