Disrupted flight?

Was your flight disrupted?

Canceled flight? Denied boarding?|Detained or completely lost baggage?|Get compensation up to 600€|You can claim 3 years back in time

We can help you with these cases

Up to 3 years back in time

Flight delay
You had flight delay? You can get the compensation up to 600 EUR
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Flight canceled
Canceled Flight? You may be entitled to as much as 600 EUR in flight cancellation compensation
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Denied boarding due to an overbooked flight? Get your compensation up to 600 EUR + costs.
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Baggage lost
Lost luggage
Get compensation up to 1400 euro
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baggage delay
Delayed luggage
Get airline compensation for delayed luggage up to 1400 EUR
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Baggage demage
Damaged luggage
You luggage was damaged? You can get the compensation up to 1400 EUR  
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Cancelled flights per day


Lost baggage per day


Detained baggage per day

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Enter you flight details and a short description. It takes only few minutes

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We carefully examine the received documents and prepare a claim

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Once we receive the compensation, we will transfer the money to you, deducting our fee

Why choose us


Team of professionals

Our team consists of highly qualified international air law experts, lawyers, as well as specialized professionals who deal exclusively with the problems of passengers arising during their air transportation


We take care of our clients

In our work we adhere to three basic principles: high quality of offered services, deep understanding of the problems of our clients and adherence to high professional standards


Information about your rights

Our team of experts will do all the work and will keep you informed about your application


No win, no fee

We do not get our commission if the compensation was denied



The average amount of compensation paid by the airline is – 400 EUR. We make sure, you get paid


We take all risks

If the airline refuses to pay compensation, we will file an application to the court at our own expense

What our users say

Ми летіли у складі групи з 8 чоловік рейсами KLM з Х’юстона до Києва. І без того тривала та непроста подорож перетворилась на ціле випробування. Затримки рейсів, втрата стикувальних рейсів, переоформлення квитків і так далі, і тому подібне. Звернулися за допомогою до експертів AirLaw.Pro та отримали все, що передбачено законом.
Anton Kvaterchuk
После прекрасной и насыщенной поездки в Париж, попали в непонятную ситуацию с авиакомпанией LOT. Сначала задержка, потом отказ в перевозке… Обратились к ребятам из AirLaw.Pro, которые помогли нам!
Бадзым Лена
Купили билеты на Белавиа. За несколько дней до вылета оказалось, что по состоянию здоровья лететь не могу. В интернете нашла рекомендацию, как правильно обратить в авиакомпанию за возвратом денег, написала и вернули все, без штрафов.
Inna Topalova


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