Denied boarding

Can I get compensation if I was denied boarding on the flight?

What is denied boarding?

It is a situation in which you are not allowed to board a flight despite having a valid flight reservation and being on time for check-in.

How much can I claim?

€250 if distance < 1.500 km
€400 if distance < 3500 km
€600 if distance > 3500 km

I`m at the airport right now and I was denied boarding

What should I do?
Do not panic

Be careful and organized. Do not accept vouchers and do not sign any documents – they may automatically deprive you of the right to receive compensation.

Contact the airline

Contact your airline representative or service agent and request an official Certificate stating the reason for the denied boarding.

Take photos or make a video

If possible make a video at the airport when the representatives of the airline refusing you to board the plane. It can be a good evidence of the illegal behavior and violation of your passenger's rights.

Collect checks

Whether it’s missing out on a pre-paid reservation, hotel, rental car, or other unexpected costs, you may be able to recover expenses caused by your flight disruption. Collect all the checks. You will need them all in order to apply with a claim.


If the airline is not able to provide you with the certificate of denied boarding, request airport personal to make a mark with the above information directly on your ticket.

The person to whom you applied for a certificate or a note must mark his position, full name and put a signature or stamp.

Request the Airline to provide you with:

1. Alternative flight to your destination.
2. Hotel if you have to wait for 8+ hrs
3. Transfer to hotel.
4. Two phone calls.
5. Drinks and meals if you have to wait 2-4 hours.
6. Compensation for your boarding denial.

You are not ellegible for compensation in case:

Your travel documents are not valid.
Your are drunk or on drugs.
You are late to board.
Threatening behavior, including disrupting flight operations.
Due to the restrictions on your arrival/transit destination.