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If you are a tour operator, travel agency, local transportation company, taxi service provider, hotel, news outlet, or any other business dealing with clients who are used to traveling by air, join us and enjoy exciting benefits.

Top commissions

One of the highest commissions on the market

Quick and easy onboarding

Register now and immediately start collecting your commissions

Premium support

We provide dedicated support for our partners. Anywhere, Anytime

Customer care

Additional value to your customer that builds loyalty and trust

Top commission

One of the highest commissions on the market

Win-Win-Win deal

Our business model is based on success fee. We share success with both - our partners and air-passenger.

No risk for partner / No risk for passenger

Our service is 100% free until customer will not get paid. We receive our commission only if we are successful. Than we split our commission with our partners.​

Direct sales pre-paid package

We also have pre-paid compensation consulting service. You can sell our pre-paid package, and do not need to wait for compensations.

Customer care

Additional value to your customer that builds loyalty and trust​

Instant messaging

Assist your customers with customized, well-structured advice based on the most frequented live situations, of air travelers generated from our Help - center.

Real-time email support

Our AI robots analyze global air traffic in real-time. If your passenger has a problem, he can receive customized advice automatically. If he claims his flight we reward you.

Good old fashion way

Provide your customer with an A4 paper form, summing up basic advices with QR code, he can carry anywhere and claim through in case disruption.

Sales chanels

Share usefull information and collect a commission

Paper claim form

Just provide your customers with 1 A4 documents with an affiliate QR code, and get money if the customer claims.

Affiliate links

Share affiliate links with 45 days cookies policy, helping air-passengers to understand their rights.

Pre-paid sales

You can sell your customer our pre-paid service, with 50%-100% discount on commision and big margin for you as a seller.

Immediate start

Use our quick and easy onboarding​ and start collecting your commissions immediately

Try it - it`s easy and FREE to register

Register now, and get access to partners private zone, Help center, payments management and much more.

FREE - Super simple CRM system

Use our super simple CRM for tour operators and travel agencies for free, and get reward if your customer use our services.

Automatic robot Integration platform

For big boys, we provide full automation and integration directly in to their own CRM system through REST API. This Free of charge integration, make process super smooth and increase customer care dramatically.

Check out few simple steps, explaining

How does it work?
Help your customer in problems

Share with your customer information about his rights just in time when he experiences a difficult situation.


Your customer receives useful guide, including our service offer. If he claims an online / post / QR code, we notify you.

We fight for customer rights

We claim airlines to get compensation, and we claim hard. We only get paid if your customer get compensation

Shareing is caring

If we are successful we share our success with you and split our commission with you as well.