COVID19 flight cancellation

If your flight has been canceled due to coronavirus you are entitled to:

Full refund of the ticket

If you bought ticket on the website of the airline, you should fill out the refund form there. In case it was a travel agency, address to them.

An alternative flight (once the flights are rescheduled)

As the coronavirus situation is classified as an extraordinary circumstance, it is outside of the scope of airlines’ control, and thus, they are not obliged to offer compensation. This includes flights to and from any areas affected by a travel warning or ban.


In case the airline offered you an alternative flight, they should provide your with food and water, while you are waiting at the airport for a new flight, and hotel accommodation, if the next flight will be on the next day.

I`m at the airport right now and my flight is canceled due to COVID19

What should I do?
Contact the airline

Request the airline to provide you with alternative flight.

Ask for refreshments

You have a right to receive food and drink.​

Request accomodation

The airline should provide you with hotel if necessary.

Alternative flight

If the airline is not able to provide with replacement flights, consider alternative methods of transport.

Can I apply for compensation?

Flights that have been canceled because of the COVID19 travel restrictions don’t qualify for compensation, as it is considered an extraordinary circumstance, which means that it’s outside of the scope of airlines’ control.

When I am entitled for compensation?

Flights canceled for other reasons, for example, because of a technical issue or operational problems, are still eligible for compensation just as they would be normally.

We are here to help you.

AirLaw.Pro will be assessing claims not directly related to coronavirus on a case-by-case basis, so if you think your flight may be eligible for compensation fill out our "check your compensation" form.