Baggage delayed

Get airline compensation for your delayed baggage

Compensation SUM:

For your delayed baggage you can get up to 1550 EUR.

What can be compensated

What you can get from airline usually is limited for: the bare essentials you need if your luggage is delayed, eg toiletries and underwear part of the cost of replacing or repairing lost luggage and contents.

21 days rule

If baggage is destroyed, lost or delayed, contact the airline in writing within 21 days.

I`m on the airport right now and my baggage didn't arrive

What should I do?
Find Lost & Found office

Contact the office of Lost and Found at the airport (every airport has it) to apply for a PIR or DIR.

Safe documents

Save the received PIR (property irregularity report) or DPR (damage property report) certificate + baggage tags, and flight ticket.

Remember about deadline

If the baggage is destroyed, lost, or delayed, contact the airline in writing within 21 days. You will not get compensation claiming later than 21 days

Collect the bills

Collect all the checks. You will need them all in order to apply with a claim.

If you flew with more than one airline

If you had connecting flights with different airlines, the compensation should be claimed from any of them - but most airlines expect to claim with the first airline you boarded.

Track your luggage using your file reference number

Many carriers provide tracking tools online. This should hopefully give you a decent idea of when your bags will catch up with you.

Not applicable compensation​

If you didn't receive PIR/PDR certificate at the airport.
If you missed the deadline to apply for compensation.