Flight cancellation

Can I get compensation automatically if the flight was canceled due to the fault of the airline​?

14 days rule

If your flight has been canceled due to the fault of the airline, you are entitled to compensation - if you were notified about a flight cancellation 14 or fewer days before departure.

How much can I get within the EU law?

€250 if distance < 1.500 km
€400 if distance < 3500 km
€600 if distance > 3500 km

Airline notified me on time

So you can choose one of the options:
a) if the airline offers, take another flight;
b) refuse a flight and get money back for your ticket.

I`m at the airport right now and my flight is canceled

What should I do?
Do not panic

Be careful and organized. Do not accept vouchers and do not sign any documents – they may automatically deprive you of the right to receive compensation.

Contact airlines

Contact your airline representative or service agent and request an official certificate stating the reasons for the cancellation of the flight.

Take photos

Take a photo of the airport’s electronic scoreboard displaying the actual status of your flight.

Collect checks

Collect all the checks. You will need them all in order to apply with a claim.


In case you were not provided with the certificate indicating the reason of cancelation, request airport personal to make a mark with the above information directly on your ticket.

The person to whom you applied for a certificate or a note must mark his position, full name and put a signature or stamp.

Airline should offer you:

1. Alternative flight.
2. Hotel if you have to wait for 8+ hrs
3. Transfer to hotel.
4. Two phone calls.
5. Drinks and meals if you have to wait 2-4 hours

Compensation​ not applicable

Your flight was canceled due to strike
Your flight was canceled due to a bird strike
Your flight was canceled due to fog or other weather conditions