Legal rights of air passengers are protected by international regulations, national legislations, and internal transport rules of airlines. Usually, there are multiple legal strategies applicable to receive compensations. At AirLaw.Pro, we always claim the most efficient way for our customers. For individual passengers claiming on their own (often once in a lifetime), it may be confusing to choose the right regulation or claim strategy. That is why there is so low success rate of individual claims worldwide. 

Sergii is an attorney specialized in international aviation law. He graduated from Kyiv International University and served for one decade as a corporate lawyer for the biggest Ukrainian airlines. Sergii is the brain of our company. He knows all the tips & tricks on how to get your money back or how to receive compensation. Trust us – you want this guy on your side.

Main Responsibility

Sergii is responsible for claims, client condulting, and legal documents of the company. He is source of new ideas how to better server and fight for rights of our customers.

How Sergii can help you?

Feel free to contact our CLO, to consult your flight problems, or for better understanding of advisory provided by AirLaw.Pro. He is the most competent person to help with difficult life situations in air transportation.


Sergii talks to airlines, and represent interests of all our customers. He is always open to assist customers with easy to understand explanations of their particular situation.

Legal documents

Our top notch innovation is based hi-quality legal documents. Sergii is the contact point for airlines and partners dealing with our claims.

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