I`m proud of our premium technological innovation. AirLaw.Pro software robots can analyze every single commercial plane in realtime. With high accuracy, we can say if passengers of each and every analyzed flight are eligible for compensation or not. So we can be with affected passengers first and deliver super customized business offer faster than any other competitor.

Michal is an experienced entrepreneur, technologist, and innovation strategy manager, with a Ph.D. from the Faculty of Management at Comenius University Bratislava, and 15 years of experience with multiple startups and multimillion-euro corporate IT projects.

Main Responsibility

Michal is responsible for technology, software development,  AI our robots and API integration of Flight data providers & Business partners.

How Michal can help you?

Feel free to contact our CTO, with technical questions, API integration of AirLaw.Pro services, or any other “geeky” questions.

Business partners

Michal is always open to help technical personnel of business partners with the integration and usage of AirLaw.Pro API.

Technology suppliers​

Our hi-tech innovation is based on data & cloud. Michal is the contact point for vendors providing flight data and cloud services.

Business consulting
API integration
Disrupted flights advisory
Technical colaboration
Press interview
Data security issues