AirLaw.Pro purpose is to help as many air passengers as possible to solve disrupting situations with calm and confidence. Except for real-time advisory, we brings innovation into the aviation compensations process. Thanks to our business model, pre-filled claim forms, and AI, we provide the easiest, the most confortable and perfectly customized user experience. Our service is here for all passengers who are unsure of their rights, have lack of time, or lack the expertise to embark on the claims process themselves.

Marianna is an experienced international and European business law lawyer, who graduated from The University van Amsterdam with an LL.M. degree. She is the head of AirLaw.Pro – leading team of experienced professionals. People find her irresistibly inspiring, but only her team knows – she can bring you to tears to reach her goals.


Marianna is responsible for creating, implementing and planning the strategic direction of AirLaw.Pro. 

How Marianna can help you?

Feel free to contact our CEO, in questions associated with new business development, partnership with AirLaw.Pro or top management agenda.


Business partner

Marianna is here to serve our best ally - Tour operators, Ticket resellers and Travel agencies and help them to increase their user experience and earn some extra money.

Air passengers

Marianna tries to be in touch with direct air passengers as much as possible to stay connected with real life problems.

Business consulting
International Law
Disrupted flights legal advisory
New business development
Press interview
Customer care
Innovation and strategy