Useful Information

What you need to know if your flight was canceled or delayed

  • Do not panic. You must now be careful and organized in order to protect your rights and make up for any unforeseen damages.
  • Contact your airline representative or service agent and request an official certificate stating the reasons for the delay or cancellation of the flight. In the absence of information, request to make a mark with the above information directly on your ticket. Pay attention that the person to whom you applied for information must mark  his position, full name and put a signature or stamp.
  • Take a photo of the airport’s electronic scoreboard displaying the actual status of your flight.
  • Collect all the checks. We will need them all to the last.
  • Do not accept vouchers and do not sign any documents – they may automatically deprive you of the right to receive the due compensation.
  • Use common sense. All unforeseen expenses should be logical and reasonable. If your flight is delayed for 40 minutes, and you are so excited that you ate on 500 EUR, then the chances of compensating for such expenses are very small.

What compensation can you expect?

The amount of flight compensation depends on many factors, like:

  • from the range of flight
  • from the duration of the delay
  • from the weather conditions were on the day of your flight
  • and whether there were any exceptional circumstances that could delay the departure

The amount of compensation you can claim

Flight distanceArrival delay at destinationCompensation
to 1,500км3 hours or more€250
from1,500км to 3,500km3 hours or more€400
More than 3,500km4 hours or more€600

What you should know about luggage delay, loss, or damage

  • when you received your baggage, check its integrity before leaving the baggage waiting room.
  • if you found your luggage damaged or missing things from it, you should contact the Lost and Found Office immediately and request a DPR-Damage Property Report. Ask from baggage tracing service to weigh your suitcase and indicate in the act the weight difference between checked in and received baggage.
  • in case of delay or loss of baggage, contact the same baggage tracing service and request to fill out a DPR or PIR Act (dependent from airport). Be sure to make a list of things and ask for the weight of the baggage withheld or lost (stated in the baggage tag) in the act. Please provide your contacts and shipping address.
  • if the airline found your baggage and its delivered to your home, check if your suitcase is not broken and thing are not missing from there.
  • in the absence of personal items, weigh your baggage and ask the courier for a delivery note or other document to comment on the absence of items and the weight of the baggage received.
All these seemingly complicated instructions greatly increase your chances of getting a compensation.
Remember that in the case of baggage problems, you have a very limited time to prepare and send a claim:
7 days – in case of baggage damage;
21 day – of baggage delay.
P.S. Sometimes airport security services check the contents of the baggage of passengers, they always leave a document confirming the fact of such a check. Personal belongings can be composed differently, but nothing should be lost.