Baggage damaged

The airline is responsible not only for the carriage of passengers, but also for the carriage of baggage. Therefore, if the airline loses or damages your baggage, you have the right to compensation for the damage you have received.

Compensation for lost or damaged luggage can be up to 1400 euros

The amount of compensation depends on convention the airline’s country has ratified. You can find out in which country the airline is registered on its official website.

Compensation under Montreal Convention. 

According to the Montreal Convention, the amount of compensation is calculated according to special drawing rights (SDR), which depend on the value of the dollar, euro, yen and pound sterling.

Therefore, the liability of the airline in the event of loss, damage or delay of baggage is limited to 1131 SDR (special drawing rights), which as of September 1, 2019 was about 1 400 EUR.

An exception is the case when a passenger at the time of baggage transfer to the airline made a special statement of interest in the delivery and paid an additional fee.
In this case, the airline is obliged to pay an amount not exceeding the declared amount, if it does not prove that this amount exceeds the passenger’s actual interest in the delivery. But almost none of the passengers know about this.

Therefore, the compensation that a passenger can receive from an airline in cases destruction of, loss of, damage to baggage is equally limited.

At the same time, important issues are the availability of evidence that the destruction of, loss of, damage to baggage occurred precisely under the responsibility of the airline and the passenger’s ability to prove the amount of damage suffered.

Equally important is meeting the deadlines for filing a complaint. Since you do not make a claim to the airline on time, you completely lose the opportunity to protect your rights and receive compensation.

The procedure and deadlines for filing a claim as a result of loss, damage or destruction of baggage

Therefore, in the event of damage of the baggage, the passenger must send a claim to the airline immediately after detecting the damage and no later than 7 days from the date of receipt. In case of baggage delay, the claim must be sent no later than 21 days from the date the baggage was received by the passenger.

Here is what you should do if  you had destruction of, loss of, damage or delay of baggage:
1. Contact the office of Lost and Found at the airport to apply for a PIR (property irregularity report) or DPR (damage property report) certificate.
2. Save the received Certificate, baggage tags and flight ticket.
3. If the baggage is damaged, contact the airline in writing on the same day, or within 7 days.
4. If baggage is destroyed, lost or delayed, contact the airline in writing within 21 days.
5. If you do not fulfill the previous 4 points, in this case, even the court will not help.

Of course, the above list of steps can be performed by everyone, but not everyone knows how to bring matters to their logical conclusion.

Therefore, do not waste time and the opportunity to receive compensation for the destruction of, loss of, damage or delay of baggage and give your problem to professionals.