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Experience in the field of aviation law more than 10 years.

Knowledge of specific international norms, not only the provisions of the EU Regulation 261/2004.

Our goal is to become a reliable partner and advocate for passengers.

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Recently, many foreign companies have appeared on the market that protect the rights of passengers around the world and try to get in their favor the compensation from air carrier according to the provisions of the European Union Regulation. However, they do not solve other issues and passengers are forced to defend their rights on their own.

Therefore, it is quite logical to ask why it is up to the AirLaw.Pro experts that you should trust the resolution of the disputable issues with the airline? The answer to this question lies in the title – AirLaw.Pro.

So who are we? Students? Managers? Economists or lawyers who only learned yesterday about the existence of air law? All this is not about us, because AirLaw.Pro is an international air law experts, international lawyers, as well as specialists dealing exclusively with problems encountered by passengers during air travel. We know how to protect your rights if the flight has been delayed or canceled, luggage damaged, delayed or lost.

In addition, for the convenience of our customers, we specifically made the reference “Other emergencies during transportation”, and you have the opportunity to tell in your own words the circumstances that occurred during your air travel. We will check and try to help if there are legitimate reasons for getting compensation.

If you are the head of a freight company and your customer’s cargo has not arrived to your destination on time, or it has been damaged or even worse lost, do not waste time, collect all the necessary documents and  contact us.

We wish all passengers to fly without any adventures and problems, but sometimes they happen. And if that happens, do not forget that you now know about AirLaw.Pro

AirLaw.Pro Team